Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wow! It's been a year since we came together and I find myself thinking about all of you so much. Risha's birthday just passed and I had so many wonderful memories of wings and beer and churches and sweets. But, it's not the same separated from those who helped make the memories.

I am right now sitting in Lake Tahoe working in a Tech Liaison Development Retreat. To my utter joy I found myself hugging Pam Bodnar and Gail Desler. And still the longing to share time with all of you again surrounds my soul. I will do everything I can to be in Philadelphia. I want to catch up, reconnect, and renew with you.

Be well all!


Mrs. Bethune said...

I hope you can make it to Philly! It would be so great to see you and reconnect. :)

debi said...

TG for Facebook - right?

Mrs. Bethune said...

Amen, Debi! lol