Monday, May 23, 2011

Are Colleges and Universities in North America Unwittingly Providing a Platform to a Tutsi Genocide Revisionist?

My dear colleage Gatzinzi asked me to post this though provoking essay he wrote. I happily oblige.
Are Colleges and Universities Unwittingly Providing a Platform to a Tutsi Genocide Revisionist-1

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Danish Solution

Thanks to Ilka for sending this via the listserv.

“Filmmakers Karen Cantor and Camilla Kjaerilff team to reveal how the Jews of Denmark managed to escape falling victim to Hitler’s Third Reich. With World War II raging throughout Europe, Hitler announced his intentions to impose his Final Solution on Denmark. Incredibly, the citizens of Denmark stood strong against the German tyrant at a time when most European nations were crumbling beneath his might. As a result, the vast majority of Jews in Denmark were spared the grim fate of their brethren in other European countries such as Poland.”

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