Friday, October 10, 2008

Teacher Seminar on the Holocaust

Hi everyone: I have really enjoyed hearing from everyone on both the Blog site and on the NWP listserv. It is exciting to hear about all of the great things you have been doing this fall!

I have been given an opportunity to present a seminar this coming Monday (October 13th) to the teachers of our entire Diocese on the Holocaust at our annual Diocesan Teacher Institute. I am looking forward to sharing many of the ideas and resources I gained from our experience this summer with the teachers from all over the Southern half of Nebraska in our Catholic schools. I plan to present resources, my lesson plan and ideas that I got from all of you, as well as conducting an open forum with the teachers to share ideas on effective ways to teach the Holocaust to Junior High and High School classes.

I hope I can represent all of you and the Summer Seminar well and will report back to you next week with results of the day.

Tom Seib


dfield said...

Tom, it sounds like a great opportunity to promote tolerance and understanding. Good luck tonight and let us know how it went.

Best regards,

David A. Field, Memorial Library

Larry Neuburger said...

I agree with David. You will be great, Tom!

LeslieL said...

Do report back. I worked with a couple of teachers on Saturday and it's amazing how much we do have to share. People are hungry for information on this subject, as well as ideas on how to teach this difficult subject, and WHY to teach it.