Sunday, August 24, 2008

School trip to England

The teachers in my school want to offer students a trip to London/Scotland or thereabouts. Does anyone (Angela?) have any recommendations on travel agencies that do a really good job? Thanks,


DebiEm said...

I've taken a number of European trips w/my students over the years, and I would not do a trip through EF - I took two (just to make sure they were as bad as I experienced). CHA was very good, Passports was okay to good. The only problem w/ Passports is you may not get the trip you want, or they might change the departure date (which they did to us). I have also heard great things about the LEAP Program. I can't remember offhand the name of the company, but you can google LEAP. My England/Scotland trip was through Passports. We flew to London, then motored up through the Lake Country, into Scotland. hope this helps - Debi

tseib said...

Debi: We have used a company called "New Century Tours" for our annual trip to Washington D.C. They do a very nice job, but I am not sure how they handle overseas trips, but they sure are worth checking out. Just look on their web site for more information.

Tom Seib