Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Quick Hello

Larry, This is a fantastic idea. I would like to incorporate blogs into my classroom and I would love to have an example to use as a model.

I use that same map in my class when we discuss the concentration camps, though I have found a more complex one in recent weeks.

I look forward to sharing ideas with of you and meeting you all very, very soon!
~Ilka Hanselmann
Wind Gap Middle School
8th Grade English


Larry Neuburger said...

One of the things I learned during my first summer institute that provided the greatest impact on my teaching was the introduction to blogs. I have been extremely lucky to be around people who encourage me to go for it when I have a new idea.

I started out last year with one class blog which grew to three. In one class I discovered my seniors wrote fluently and enjoyed it more when they did daily journaling on their individual blogs. That class had twelve individual blogs.

I am glad you are on board. Please feel free to post and comment.

Ilka said...

I hope you tell me how you did that. I want to try this in my class, but worry about how manageable it will be and how to work with the minors I have under my care. Are your blogs private or public? Does your school allow your students access to email at school? Mine does not.